Monday, March 30, 2009

CTV employee reading while driving

I don't like to get people in  trouble, but if someone is doing something that's as dangerous as this then i really can't help myself. Before i continue I need to say that, myself, as the other driver, did not take these pictures. I saw it happening and I had my passenger take them for me.

This took place on hwy 401, just outside of Toronto. I matched her speed of roughly 120 km/h, just to give you an idea of how fast she was going.

Listen, we all share the road, don't be a selfish idiot and make it more dangerous then it has to be.

I wrote CTV about it and received the following reply:

Hello Jesse,
I appreciate the time you have taken to bring this important matter to our attention.  I should first explain the delay in my response to your email sent last Thursday. It took a couple of days to get to me as I wasn't on the original email "To"" line, but one of my colleagues at CTV Toronto recognized that the incident concerned was in my news teams coverage area.
The photos you had taken last week were indeed revealing of a very dangerous driving practice that will be immediately halted. This individual is away on vacation this week but I will have a discussion with her next Monday as soon as she returns.  Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention, as we certainly appreciate the serious nature of this poor driving practice. 
Andy LeBlanc

Andy LeBlanc | News Director | CTV News Southwestern Ontario | Phone: 519.741.4430  |  Newsroom: 519.741.4401 | Email:

That's that!

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